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Roof gardens and build protection

Nature on the roof

Infrastructure and urban development are continuously expanding. This removes ways for rain water to naturally drain away. Because of this, sewer systems are regularly overloaded.

Roof gardens or green rooftops have the large advantage that they hold over half of the rain water. Part of the precipitation evaporates and is used by the vegetation, and the rest of the water is slowly drained away and filtered at the same time. Especially in larger roof gardens, there is a risk that plants might die earlier due to localised moisture impoundments compared to a period of drought.
The drainage surface is an essential part of a good functioning system.

The advantages of roof gardens with application of the RecyTop drainage surface

Micro climate improvement
Roofs with vegetation moisturise the air and provide cooling. Roof gardens also improve the micro climate in our densely populated areas.

Bonding with (harmful) substances
Gardens on roofs slow down the flow of air. This enables the roof vegetation to filter 10 to 20% of the dust out of the air.

Noise dampening
Roof vegetation dampens the noise reflection up to 3 dB and improves the noise dampening up to 8 dB.

Lengthening the life span of the roof
Under a roof garden, the bitumen or synthetic roof sealings are protected from weathering, UV-rays and strong shifts in temperature. This lengthens the lifespan of the roof significantly.

Saving on energy costs
A roof garden is the ideal temperature isolator. Spaces below the roof garden require less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.

Protective solutions for building constructions

A good finishing of a concrete deck - per example in parking garages or cellars - consists out of the following, and is essential for the life span and drainage.

Around 10% of the precipitation flows away through the tiles. Because of the stabilised sand layer drainage of rainwater is incredibly difficult.
Usage of RecyTop, however, enables an efficient drainage and perfect protection of the cover material.

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