Together with ACO SPORT®, Schmitz Foam Products has developed a special kerb solution that fixes the edges of an ​​artificial grass field while delivering an optimal finish.

The kerb solution has a concrete base and uses stainless steel fixings. Using this solution will guarantee a flat and stable surface. On top of that it helps to prevent issues including the appearance of wrinkles in the carpet or the growth of weeds.


Using the ProPlay kerb solution guarantees a flat and stable artificial grass surface.

The ProPlay kerb solution can be used for fixating any type of artificial grass surface, particularly non-filled artificial grass surfaces and artificial grass fields with a limited infill height. These fields don’t benefit from the weight of the collective infill to compensate for the consequences of expansion or shrinkage of the field due to temperature influences.

ProPlay kerb solution options

The way the ProPlay kerb solution is applied can be adapted to your fields’ needs

Thanks to the ProPlay kerb solution, both the surface and the shock pad will remain in place. Once installed, it can easily be removed to facilitate the replacement or renovation of the artificial grass surface when re-use to fix the new top-layer is necessary.

Like our ProPlay shock pads, the ProPlay kerb solution delivers the perfect finishing touch to your investment in a high-quality surface. It will improve the visual appearance of the field and will guarantee a flat and stable surface throughout the lifespan of the field. 

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