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Since 1990, we successfully give XPE foam residues a second life. Thanks to our recycling process our partners worldwide save elimination costs and avoid environmental damage. Together, we make sure that no foam goes to waste. Let us give your foam residues a purpose.


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We are proud and this is why...

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Years experience in foam recycling

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Suppliers of high quality foam residues

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Sea containers foam yearly saved from incineration

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Ready to give your foam residues a second life

How our foam recycling process works

Together we make sure that no foam goes to waste.

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Contact us to find out if your foam residues suit our recycling process.

We collect

Together we determine how, when and where to collect your foam waste efficiently.

Save costs

Save on elimination costs and prevent your foam residues from ending up in landfills or incinerators.

We recycle

We recycle your foam residues and give it a purpose. All of the reworked XPE foam is used in our high-end products.

Benefit from our recycling service and get in touch.

Which solution suits you?

XPE foam is a high-volume product, making transportation costly. Since 1990, Schmitz has developed several unique methods to collect XPE foam residues efficiently and cost-effectively.

Which solution suits you best? That depends on material thickness, density, quantity, scrap dimensions and previous treatments. The distance to our factory is important too.

Please contact us, together we find out which solution works best for you.

Depending upon the quantity of XPE foam residues we offer several solutions:

Press bales

Shred the foam residues to flakes

Load the foam residues in bags

Load rolls

DAFA Shredder at plant

Shredder at your plant

In some cases, we can provide a shredder for your plant, making you part of the recycling process of your own residuals. We pick up the shredded foam and transport it to our own plant. In this way, transport costs are reduced significantly.


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Are you wondering how we can process your XPE foam residues? The main commodities we use for our high-end products are closed cell cross-linked XPE and XPP foam. Depending on the quality, we can use other foam materials as well. 


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