ProPlay shockpads constantly keep evolving and innovating due to our research. Its durability, comfort and safety makes sure that the maximum performance is enabled. Schmitz Foam Products constantly develops and tests new technology to enhance the performance levels and the safety of the athletes on articial pitches.

To get the best out of our product and as a consequence the artifical pitch, it's of great importance to follow instruction when installing it.  We have the perfect guide to set you up and get the end result flawlessly.

Installing ProPlay-Sport is as easy as laying a jigsaw puzzle and with the installation video above, we have made it even more clear for you. Be prepared with the materials and personel, follow all the steps and you will have the perfect pitch.

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­­­Great care has been taken in compiling this video. However, Schmitz Foam cannot guarantee its complete accuracy. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us.