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25 Year warranty on ProPlay shock pads

25YearsProPlay by Schmitz Foam Products stands for excellent product quality. Not just today, also in many years to come. That is why our ProPlay-Sport shock pads come with a 25-year warranty.

The warranty guarantees the shock-absorbing properties, vertical deformation and energy restitution of our shock pads for a period of 25 years. It can be requested by the field owner.

Maintaining our product quality

Both our plants in Roermond (NL) and Coldwater (USA) have a laboratory where we ensure that ProPlay shock pads are of the highest quality. We take a test sample from every 250m² that we produce. The total number of tests in our factories corresponds to inspecting an artificial turf soccer field at 30 random locations. For comparison: FIFA, for example, requires testing institutes to inspect an artificial turf soccer field in 19 different places.

We have the most common infills and artificial turf mats. This allows us to completely build up and test the performance of the intended system as a whole. We test shock absorption and critical fall height using Gmax and HIC, and also vertical and horizontal drainage. We even designed a test to predict the performance of the ProPlay shock pad over time. While the well-known Lisport-XL test only looks at the wear behavior of the artificial turf fibers and the infill over a long period of time, our test looks at the result of the frequent pressure on a field.

IJburg list

ProPlay field still
as new 8 years later

In 2010, AFC IJburg decided to install an artificial turf field with ProPlay shock pads. After eight years the turf had to be replaced. When it was removed, installers discovered a pristine ProPlay-Sport20 pitch that looked as if it had been installed yesterday. As good as new, not a single pad had to be replaced. Also, performance was at the same high level as at the time of installation.

More about this project

ProPlay Fieldtester

ProPlay shock pads are of high quality and meet all qualifications in the various areas of the artificial turf industry. We test our shock pads constantly and extensively from our production location and in our laboratory, but we are also equipped to test the performance of our shock pads on location for quality. 

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