Two men installing ProPlay shockpads

How to install
ProPlay shock pads

Installing ProPlay shockpads is as easy as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. But to make sure you get the best out of our product and create the perfect base for your pitch, it's of great importance to follow our instructions when installing the shock pad. We have the perfect guide to get you started and achieve a flawless end result.

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ProPlay for Sports

Make sure your artificial turf pitch benefits from an excellent foundation. Follow the installation instructions to optimally benefit from the top performance of our ProPlay-Sport shock and drainage pad.

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ProPlay for Playgrounds

Provide a safe and excellent base for your playground surface or play area. Follow the intallation instructions to optimally benefit from the performance of our fall protection pads for playgrounds.

Puzzle shape

Due to the puzzle tiles,
installing ProPlay is a piece of cake

Good preparation is half the battle, so read the guide or watch the video and make sure you have the right materials and provide adequate staffing. Follow all the steps and you will have the perfect base for your pitch.