At Schmitz Foam Products we are committed to delivering top quality for both our shock and drainage pads and for our processes. It therefore will come as no surprise that we are an ISO 9001 certified company. To guarantee our products’ quality, all are produced under our in-house control and are constantly monitored during the production process. Add to this the fact that Schmitz Foam Products only works with the highest-grade foams and according to a well-controlled raw material management process and you can be assured that the end products are always of a consistently high-quality.

Choose ProPlay = prevent landfill 

All ProPlay shock pads are produced from foams that have passed all quality tests by their producers and foam converters but were deemed redundant. This includes foams produced during start-up or closing-down of the production process, cut-offs, and foams that have passed the necessary quality tests but that didn’t attract as much demand from the market as was anticipated. Simply said these are brand new foams that were never used for their original purpose. If Schmitz Foam Products did not provide a meaningful purpose for these foam products by reprocessing them in to a world class shock and drainage pad, they likely would be disposed in a landfill or incinerated. These options are less than desirable in an environmentally conscious society.

No Costs No Damage

Dedicated to only one thing!

ProPlay is used as a shock absorption and drainage pad in sports fields and as a fall protection pad in playgrounds in over 70 countries worldwide. Repurposing foam has always been an important part of the history of Schmitz Foam Products. In the late 80s we started to research possible ways to re-use redundant foams to increase the safety and playability of artificial grass surfaces.

Over the years the process of adding value to these foams has been fine-tuned to stay ahead of developments in the artificial grass industry. Remanufacturing a product requires extensive knowledge about the material, stringent quality monitoring systems, well-defined production processes and dedication. Schmitz Foam Products is fully dedicated to producing top-performance shock and drainage pads enabling children and athletes to play and perform safely and add great value to a safe artificial grass system.

Well-controlled production

Our foams are sourced from major foam producers and converters worldwide. The foam is subject to visual and mechanical inspection upon arrival at the Schmitz Foam Products plants. These inspections ensure that no item or material other than the cross-linked PE foam makes it to the ProPlay production facility. Once this has been established, the foam is shredded and the flakes are temporarily stored in a controlled environment. A sophisticated process is followed to define the right mixture and to layer the shredded foam on top of a polyester textile.



Measuring is knowing

Both Schmitz Foam Products plants have fully equipped laboratories to validate the quality of the ProPlay shock absorption and drainage pads:  

Research & testing


ProPlay is tested

Samples are tested for their physical characteristics for every 250m² of sheets produced. In addition, for every 1250m² of ProPlay produced the sport technical performance is assessed, including shock absorption, energy restitution, vertical deformation and Gmax/HIC.

Tests that exceed regulations

As an example FIFA regulations dictate that testing companies quality-test an artificial grass football field at 19 different spots. The regular quality inspections that we submit exceed that standard and are equivalent to a football field being tested at 30 different spots.

Everything in house to test

We have samples of most common infills and carpets available to allow us to test the performance of ProPlay in any system. The systems are subjected to all available tests to establish the performance and behavior of a field. This includes all relevant impact attenuation tests, like shock absorption, Gmax and HIC.

A good team

We cooperate with highly qualified independent testing laboratories to validate our internal test results.


ISO 9001:2015 certified

The Schmitz Foam Products quality procedures and testing methods are audited annually. Since 2004 the company is ISO 9001 certified. As the products are also suited for use in the civil engineering industry, compliance with the CE standard for drainage products (EN 13252) is audited annually, too. This audit is much more intense and establishes our conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Approved for use in artificial grass systems by many turf producers

With a proven track record on artificial grass sports fields and playgrounds featuring our shock pads worldwide, our ProPlay gets the ‘green light’ when it comes to tests in accredited laboratories. The same goes for the renowned worldwide sports governing bodies like  FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, and many national sports governing bodies like NOC*NSF, GAA and AFL. This proves that our product performs not only by itself but more importantly as an integral  part of an artificial grass system.

Approved according to (inter)national standards

Besides our stringent internal processes our products’ quality is also approved according to the following international and national standards:

International standards:

  • ESTC Performance Guide for Shock Pads: This guideline allows artificial grass system developers to value the performance of shock pads as part of an artificial grass system. Schmitz Foam Products was amongst others a driving force in the development of this guideline.
    Click here to download.


  • NEN-EN 15330-1: This European Standard specifies performance, durability, product identification and facility testing requirements for synthetic turf sports surfaces used primarily outdoors

  • NEN-EN 15330-4: This upcoming European Standard which is specifically for shock pads as part of the artificial grass system, needle-punch and textile surfaces upgrades the ESTC Performance Guide for Shock Pads to a mandatory standard.

National standards:

  • Netherlands: NOC-NSF regulations

  • Germany: DE DIN 18035-7 standard

  • France: NF P90-110 standard

  • Italy: LND regulation

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We care about the environment

At Schmitz Foam Products we care and strive for a safe and healthy environment. This goes beyond our production locations and employees. We can only be proud that our products comply with the European REACH regulation.   

Depending on geographic location countries file additional requirements on top of the REACH regulation. With exporting our product to more than 70 countries worldwide, our shock-absorbing and drainage products are tested for those additional demands. e.g. a frequently requested requirement for artificial grass surfaces for outdoor sports is the toxicology protocol (DIN 18035-7). Conformity to this standard is mandatory for outdoor sports surfaces in Germany, but also France and Italy base their national standard on this norm.

Download our latest ISO certificate

Need more info or specific test reports?

Schmitz Foam Products is proud to be able to produce this top-performance shock absorption and drainage pad in accordance with these prominent national and international standards. If the quality standard you need is not on the above list, or if you would like to receive more information or specific test reports...

...feel free to contact us.

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