With ProPlay-Sport13/250 Schmitz Foam Products launches a new shock pad that is specifically developed for use in hockey and meets the stricter requirements laid down by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). In which in particular, the regulations applying to ball bounce have been tightened up. The new shock pad is perfectly suited to future-proof water-based artificial turf hockey pitches. What’s more, ProPlay-Sport13/250 is a sustainable choice.

ProPlay-Sport13/250: the thinnest shock pad with enhanced playing experience

With ProPlay-Sport13/250, Schmitz Foam Products adds the thinnest shock pad to its product range for sport. Although the shock pad is only 13mm thick, it boasts a high density. The new shock pad is suitable for use in artificial turf systems that meet the stricter regulations and ensures a lower ball bounce. What is more, just like the already existing hockey product, the ProPlay-Sport15/215, the new shock pad reduces the risk of injuries. As was the case with the other ProPlay shock pads, ProPlay-Sport13/250 has been successfully tested according to the
EN 15330-4 standard.

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The perfect underlay for hockey

Export Manager Ron Lokhorst explains why ProPlay-Sport13/250 is so suitable for hockey: “ProPlay-Sport13/250 offers extra robustness and stability, partly due to the fact that it is fitted with a permeable non-woven on both the top and bottom. Additionally the shock pad has expansion slots that enable it to withstand fluctuations in temperature. The high density also ensures that it can stand up to the heavy equipment used in pitch maintenance and renovation. The shock pad is a sustainable choice and withstands two to three artificial turf life cycles.”

ProPlay-Sport-Hockey-Shockpad-foldProPlay shock pads: a solution for all artificial turf hockey pitches

The ProPlay-Sport15/215 has already been on the market for some time and has made a name for itself as a shock pad for water-based pitches on various hockey pitches in the Netherlands. Depending on the type of artificial turf and the substructure, the ProPlay-Sport15/215 offers excellent performance levels in the field of ball bounce and shock absorption. With the advent of the stricter requirements, Schmitz Foam Products has re-examined the sporting and technical qualities of their hockey shock pads. The result is the ProPlay-Sport13/250, which offers greater certainty as regards ball bounce in consideration of the new regulations. Ron Lokhorst adds: “By extending our hockey range we can anticipate even more effectively what our customer wants or needs, as well as the requirements laid down by the hockey federation. We are happy to confer with the customer as to what shock pad is best recommended for his or her hockey artificial turf system”. But the developments at Schmitz do not stop there. More than that; “We’re also working on the development of a shock pad suitable for Dry Hockey”, says Ron Lokhorst.

Smart installation and renovation

The ProPlay-Sport15/215 and ProPlay-Sport13/250 are the shock pads par excellence for water-based hockey pitches. Thanks to their stability and plate effect, these shock pads are also ideal for use in settlement-sensitive locations or for renovation pitches with a substructure of mixed materials. The shock pads are supplied in the well-known puzzle form and are simple to install in all weather conditions. To get the best out of ProPlay shock pads, Schmitz Foam Products has developed a handy installation video and installation manuals.


A sustainable choice when it comes to purchase and depreciation

ProPlay shock pads are made of secondary raw materials, namely recycled foam remnants. Moreover they can be recycled when they are no longer needed for their original application. ProPlay shock pads are therefore an environmentally responsible and sustainable choice. With a 25-year guarantee the shock pad surpasses the life span of the artificial turf mat, meaning the operating costs of the ProPlay shock pad over its entire life span are relatively low. Ron Lokhorst adds “If you’re installing or renovating a sports pitch, it thus pays to look not only at the purchase cost but also the total cost of ownership."

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