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Sustainable products, sustainable production locations

We are proud to announce that the installation of 1588 solar panels at our Roermond location has been completed!

In line with our aim to be as sustainable as possible with our products, we also felt that we could be sustainable in other ways. What better way to accomplish this than with the use of solar power.

Where our ProPlay shock pads are made of recycled materials and can be recycled again after their licecycle to ensure there will be no unnecessary trash, the solar panels will also provide clean energy for the production process.

With the brand new 1588 solar panels we achieve a reduction of 244 tons of co2. This is comparable to 1620 flights from Amsterdam to Paris! We like to thank Zonnestroom Nederland for giving our roof surface a meaningful purpose

We always aim to be more sustainable, be it with products or production. This is the next step to achieving this!

Ringweg zonnepanelen