Schmitz recycles, markets and produces, with the new RoFoam, XPE foam

As an organization, Schmitz Foam Products has made great strides in the past two decades. From Roermond, and since 2017 also from Coldwater (USA), we supply the global market with shock pads that are used in high-quality synthetic turf systems in sports fields and as fall protection in playgrounds.

But Schmitz Foam Recycling, as an entity within the Schmitz organization, has also made a name for itself as a partner for foam producers and processors in the area of XPE foam recycling. This gave the Schmitz organization the confidence to make solid future plans and think outside the box. Our ambition is to establish ourselves as an expert partner and offer solutions wherever cross-linked polyethylene foam plays a role. The wish from Schmitz was and is to offer a customized solution in the area of foam. Sustainable and socially responsible business practices form the basis of the corporate culture at Schmitz, which is expressed in all divisions of the company. In light of this desire, the company has taken action. This is reflected in a new organizational structure.

20220802_SchmitzFoam_00254Plant manager Luuk Schmitz says the following: "With the success of and knowledge gained within our existing business entities, we have dared to take the step of thinking outside the box as well. To provide optimal service now but also in the future, our ambition is to establish ourselves as an expert and offer solutions wherever cross-linked polyethylene foam plays a role. This has prompted us to launch a third entity called Schmitz Foam Supply."

From now on, the Schmitz Foam organization will consist of three entities. First, Schmitz Foam Products, which includes ProPlay, the established shockpad brand for the synthetic turf industry. Schmitz Foam Recycling focuses on unburdening foam producers and processors by providing a solution for their foam residues. The third and new entity is Schmitz Foam Supply, where we enter the market as a producer and supplier of high-quality foam. The foam brand we are launching as Schmitz Foam Supply concerns RoFoam.

Logo RoFoam_RGBBy expanding our existing and established business activities and adding Schmitz Foam Supply to the range of Schmitz entities, the organization is taking the next step in circularity in the foam industry. The production of our new foam brand RoFoam is also making an important contribution to this. "With RoFoam, we can produce a high-quality foam product which can be used for a multitude of applications," says Jens Ulb, Commercial Director at Schmitz. What makes this special is that we have been processing and recycling XPE foam for more than 35 years. We know the material 'an sich' through and through. Now we are breaking new ground by producing the XPE foam at our home base in Roermond. Schmitz XPE foam can be used for a variety of applications and is supplied on rolls. This puts Schmitz on the map as an all-round foam expert and partner. In foam production, the organization likes to think in terms of possibilities where the foam can be customized.

To shape this development towards the future and to meet the growing demand, a new additional location will be opened in Roermond. This location will first serve as a warehouse but will develop together with the organization for the additional activities belonging to the Schmitz Foam Supply division.

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