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Your expert partner in XPE foam

With decades of experience, we recycle foam and process it into high-quality shock pads. In 2022 Schmitz entered a new era in which the company produces and supplies high-quality foam. It is our ambition to establish Schmitz as an expert partner and offer solutions wherever cross-linked polyethylene foam plays a role.

Our company is divided into three divisions: 

Schmitz Foam Products

Your supplier of high-performance shock pads: ProPlay®. This sustainable shock pad is the perfect base for high-quality artificial grass systems for sports surfaces and playgrounds.

Schmitz Foam Recycling

Collects remnant XPE foam from all over the world to give it a second life.

Schmitz Foam Supply

Your producer and supplier of the first-class XPE foam: RoFoam®.

The experts in high performance
shock pads

Having identified the potential of synthetic turf as a sports and leisure surface, we fully dedicated our business to this promising market. The first ProPlay was produced in the early 90s. It is the only shock pad that combines high performance with superior drainage capability. In 2017 a brand-new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was opened in the United States. 01 ProPlay-Sport-2

ProPlay: The shock pad that has it all!

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Consistent high-quality to build on

Quality is at the core of what we do, and embedded through our entire organization. Both our plants in the Netherlands and the US are ISO 9001 certified, and that’s for a reason. We invest heavily in having our processes and products tested to ensure every pad meets our rigorous quality standards. Each plant has a comprehensive onsite testing laboratory to test our product characteristics, but also performance. That is what makes the difference in any project application.


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