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We have produced numerous foam solutions that provide protection and drainage for landscaping and civil engineering purposes. We invite you to discover more about our innovative foam pad application.

It is easy to explain why Schmitz Foam Products has this rich experience in various industries as this is due to what our products are made of: closed-celled cross-linked polyethylene foams (XLPE).

The characteristics of this material combined with our product’s unique structure make it perfectly suitable for various purposes and industries. Add to that the fact that we have been processing this material for over 30 years which taught us all the ins and outs of the material and final product!  

What’s in a name?

Closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foams (XLPE) are the source for the high-quality material that we continuously give a meaningful purpose.

Why are we so passionate about closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foams (XLPE)? This is due to their unique characteristics:


Thermal and vibration insulation

Impact protection


Easy to process

Weather resistant

Chemical resistant

Highly durable


A foam pad for
various applications

The industries that greatly benefited from our foam pads vary from building protection to tunnels to solid waste disposal to general drainage.

Over the years we increasingly started focussing on offering a base for top-performance sports and playground surfaces.

Even though we have become experts in shock and drainage pads for sports applications, our products characteristics mean that they are still perfectly suitable for use in other application areas.

Find out more about the ins and outs of our shock pads.
Building Protection

Rain can cause saturation of the soil. Underground structures can hinder the natural drainage of rainwater which can result in a harmful water build-up and pressure on cellar wall. Our drainage and protection pad solutions protect your wall and foundation.

Tunnel Constructions

Tunnels are commonly covered with materials like soil and dirt. This can impact the waterproof layer and construction. Therefore, a good and solid protective layer is important to guarantee the lifespan of the structure. Our drainage and protection pad solutions protects your tunnel.

Solid waste disposal

Our foam pads have a history in protecting the watertight layer and providing water and gas drainage in surface sealing systems or landfill capping.


Good drainage is essential for plants to grow and maintain healthy roots. Our drainage pad can be produced in a thin, very light and resilient layer to benefit plant beds with excellent drainage properties.

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