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Made from top-quality foam

Our performance pad is made of closed-cell crosslinked polyethylene foams (XLPE) that were originally produced for a different purpose in various industries where quality and product performance is key. Schmitz Foam Products combines these foams into a shock pad that delivers a safe and comfortable surface for combined sports use.



Regulates the moisture content of the sand layer

The open structure of our performance pad enhances the typically used high and low tide arena systems.

Increased safety for the horse and its rider

Due to the system’s sand consistency the safety of the horse can be guaranteed. On top of that our pad provides significantly improved fall protection compared to traditional systems, keeping its rider comfortable and safe.

Easy to install

Our performance pad for equestrian sports is available in rolls and interlocking puzzle-shaped sheets and are easy to install. It doesn’t require special skills or equipment and is independent of weather conditions.

Excellent water management capabilities

By adding the performance pad, excellent water management can be guaranteed. After heavy rainfall the arena dries up faster than traditional arena systems. Read more about this excellent base for horse riding on the Horse Competence Center's website.

Ask our expert

ProPlay shock pads have been installed in over 80 countries. We have the experience and can always assist you.

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