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Made from top-quality foam

Our landscaping pad is made of closed-celled cross-linked polyethylene foams (XLPE) that were originally produced for a different purpose in various industries where quality and product performance is key. Schmitz Foam Products combines these foams to a landscaping pad that delivers a comfortable surface with sufficient drainage capabilities.

Foam residues get a purpose


High durability

Our landscaping pad maintains its comfort for a period that exceeds the life-span of multiple synthetic turf surfaces.

Sufficient drainage capabilities

The drainage capacity of our landscaping pad prevents pooling in the most occurring rain events.

Comfortable surface

To design an extra comfortable surface for your project, we recommend the addition of our landscaping pad. Create the perfect combination of durability, drainage and comfort.

Ask our expert

Our pads have been installed in over 70 countries. We have the experience and are always here to assist you.

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